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About Karate Canada

About Karate Canada

Karate Canada is a not-for-profit corporation constituted under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act, with the objective of describing and incorporating all activities related to the promotion, organization, regulation and popularization of the sport of karate all over Canada, of protecting the physical and emotional health of athletes, and of promoting the interests of karate throughout Canada. We are the only Heritage / Sport Canada-recognized National governing body for the sport of karate in Canada.

Our Vision

“Our goal is to become a world class and highly efficient nationwide system aimed at promoting the growth, development and excellence of karate in Canada. “

Our Mission/Purpose

“We lead and partner to create an environment and system conducive to success at all levels.”

Our Core Principles and Values
  • Our people and members always come first.
  • We are driven by excellence in everything we do.
  • We believe in the power of the Team.
  • We are driven by high ethical standards.

The term “karate” (or “karate-do”) can be translated as “Way of the Empty hand”; it designates both a traditional martial art and a modern combat sport which was originally developed in Okinawa (Japan). Karate was disseminated across the globe during the 20th century, and very quickly became an extremely popular activity, thanks to the numerous benefits, healthy lifestyle and wholesome values which it promotes. It is currently estimated that there are approximately 100 million karate practitioners worldwide.

Karate was introduced in Canada by Mr. Masami Tsuruoka, who had studied in Japan in the 1940s under Tsuyoshi Chitose. In 1954, Mr. Tsuruoka initiated the first karate competition in Canada and laid the foundation for the National Karate Association. The National Karate Association was officially founded in 1963, and has been growing and thriving ever since. It adopted its new name, “Karate Canada”, in 2010.

Scope & Activities

Karate Canada and its 10 member Provincial and Territorial Associations assemble roughly 16,000 participants nationwide. Registrants vastly vary in age and level, ranging from 4 year old white belts to black belts and multiple Dan (degree) holders in their sixties and seventies.

Karate Canada holds and participates in numerous events, and administers numerous nationally recognized programs directly offered to members of registered member Associations, such as:

  • Canadian National Karate Championships
  • Regional and / or sanctioned Open Championships such as the Atlantic Canadian Championships, Western Canadian Championships, Canada Open, etc.
  • Hosting of international events (such as Junior Pan American Championships, North American Cups and Commonwealth Championships…)
  • Selection and support of Junior and Senior National Teams (training camps, international competitions, Carding program…)
  • National and Regional Clinics for training and certification of official Karate Canada, PKF & WKF-recognized Officials  (referees and judges)
  • the development and roll out of the National Coach Certification Program (in conjunction with the Coaching Association of Canada)and other educational opportunities for Coaches
  • the promotion of a stage-appropriate LTD (Long Term Athlete Development) model for all participants, endorsed & recommended by Heritage/Sport Canada
  • Para Karate program (for athletes with disabilities)
  • Recognized Karate Canada technical certifications (Dan grading & rankings)
  • Karate Canada’s Summit, a renowned annual event assembling the national membership, and offering technical seminars with internationally renowned guest instructors, educational upgrades and certifications, and interest seminars for all registrants
  • Nationwide dissemination of information and news about Canadian karate and its community in both official languages, via our website, Newsletter, social media, etc.

Karate Canada is the only karate organization legitimately recognized, supported and funded by the Canadian government, via Heritage Canada / Sport Canada. Its member Provincial and Territorial Karate Associations are also all recognized by their respective provincial / territorial governments.

Furthermore, Karate Canada is a proud member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, the World Karate Federation, the Pan American Karate Federation and the Commonwealth Karate Federation.