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Why You Should Register

Sole Official and Recognized Governing Body for Karate in Canada

  • Karate Canada is the only legitimate national sport governing body for karate recognized, supported and funded by the Canadian government, via Heritage Canada / Sport Canada.
  • Karate Canada is a sport partner / member of the Canadian Olympic Committee.
  • Karate Canada is the only national karate association recognized by and working with the Coaching Association of Canada, the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada, Athletes Can and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.
  • Karate Canada is the only Canadian karate organization to be a member of the World Karate Federation, the Pan American Karate Federation and the Commonwealth Karate Federation.

Quality of Instruction in Affiliated / Registered Clubs / Dojos

  • Karate Canada has developed and promotes the implementation of LTD (Long Term Athlete Development, an approach originally developed and strongly supported by Sport Canada) principles in club / dojo education nationwide.
  • Club instructors in affiliated clubs / dojos have access to and are strongly encouraged to take part in sport-specific, level-appropriate NCCP (National Coach Education Program) courses, thus ensuring quality of instruction.
  • Karate Canada offers numerous quality educational opportunities for all registered instructors / coaches and club / dojo owners / administrators, at events such as the annual Summit and National Championships.
  • Peace of mind: most recognized Provincial / Territorial Karate Associations offer some accident / medical insurance coverage / benefits to registrants training in their affiliated clubs / dojos.

Quality Competition Network and Opportunities

  • Being a registrant with Karate Canada and its member Provincial / Territorial Associations offers access to a vast network of quality, well-run competitive events (in both kata and kumite) for every level, including local, regional, Provincial / Territorial and National Championships, sanctioned Open tournaments, etc. For every such event, organizers apply WKF rules, ensure that safety is paramount, offer quality officiating, as well as offer modern and adequate facilities, conditions, equipment and set up.
  • Registered athletes and coaches gain access to the Provincial and National Team selection process, programs and activities (including numerous training camps, support at domestic and international competitions, individual athlete support –AAP, or Carding, etc.).
  • Membership in Karate Canada is the exclusive gateway leading top athletes to potential participation in the Pan American and Olympic Games.
  • Karate Canada offers quality training and development opportunities for all its Officials  (judges and referees), via a comprehensive Referee Excellence Program, the holding of National, Regional and Provincial Referee Clinics, and support of officials at international competitions.

Various Other Activities, Events and Benefits

  • Karate Canada promotes accessibility to all participants, through programs such as Para Karate (for athletes with disabilities).
  • Karate Canada’s elected volunteer Board of Directors ensures sound accountability and oversight of the organization in accordance with governmental standards and expectations.
  • Karate Canada adheres to and upholds various policies ensuring modern and effective governance, and protecting its members and registrants, such as a Code of Conduct and Ethics, an Access and Equity Policy, a Protection of Private Information Policy, a Discipline and Complaints Policy, an Appeals Policy, a Conflicts of Interest Policy, etc.
  • Karate Canada offers education on concussion awareness and prevention, as well as Return-to-Play protocols.
  • Karate Canada holds a yearly National Summit, assembling numerous top domestic and international experts, and offering development and education opportunities for all (athletes, instructors and coaches, officials, administrators…).
  • Karate Canada offers a Dan certification program, allowing registrants to have their exiting credentials recognized or to be tested and to upgrade their existing Dan level.
  • Becoming a registrant offers you the chance to be part of a powerful collective experience, which brings together as a nation all members of the Canadian karate community.
How To Join

In order to become a registrant with Karate Canada and to take advantage of the numerous benefits mentioned above, all you need to do is to join / register with a club (dojo) that is duly affiliated with one of our recognized, member Provincial / Territorial Associations.

You may find a complete listing of the clubs (dojos) in your area by going through your respective member Provincial / Territorial Karate Association.

This is the complete list of our member Associations