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2016 Summit A Success

October 05, 2016

Karate Canada is proud to report that attendance at the 2016 edition of its annual Summit surpassed all of the other recent editions, with 110 participants. This event was overall a considerable success, and gave many members (registrants) and for the first time, non-members, of Karate Canada a chance to get together and to take part in various workshops, seminars, meetings, trainings and conferences, benefiting our athletes, coaches, instructors, officials, leaders and administrators. Karate Canada also wishes to thank Karate Ontario, the Coaching Association of Canada and the Investors Group for their assistance and support in hosting this important event, as well as to thank the numerous participants, volunteers and staff involved in making this event such a success. Particularly, Karate Canada wishes to thank our Officials’ Committee members Mr. Yaro Tarana (Chair), Mr. Andreas Kuntze and Mr. Babak Sotoudeh (who co-led a 2-day Referee Clinic), our 3 National Team Head Coaches (Mrs. Katarina Vadovicova, Mrs. Nassim Varasteh, and Mr. Denis Beaudoin, who led and / or co-led national kata and kumite trainings), the members of our Technical Advisory Committee (and examiners, who held national Dan testings), our Para-karate Committee Chair and National Para Team Coach Mrs. Heather Fidyk (who led a training and education for para-karate athletes and coaches), our Medical Chair Mr. Gus C. Kandilas (who led a seminar on Concussion Awareness and Management) and all the medical support staff, the members of our NCCP Committee Mr. Gérard Lauzière (Chair) and Mr. Gary Walsh (who co-led a 1-day NCCP Comp Dev karate-specific course), our High Performance Committee Chair Dr. Peter Davis (who offered a conference on Karate Canada’s new High Performance Plan and direction), as well as all participating athletes, referees and coaches and / or instructors. Last but not least, we wish to sincerely thank our two very special Guest Star Instructors, Mr. Davide Benetello (Kumite trainings) and Mr. Akio Tamashiro (Kata trainings), who generously shared their extensive expertise with our athletes and coaches in this rare visit to Canada.

We look forward to greeting all of you again soon in Québec City, QC, for our 2017 National Championships (February 24-26), and hope you will all join us again next year for our 2017 Summit!

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