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June 23, 2020

As alluded to in our President’s June 3rd update, the World Karate Federation has just announced its decision to postpone the 2020 Senior World Championships until 2021 (same dates and location), due to health and safety concerns arising from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You may click here to read the latests release from the WKF on this item.

Likewise, the Pan American Karate Federation has also recently announced the cancellation of its 2020 Youth, Cadet, Junior and U21 Championships (originally scheduled to take place in Mexico in August), as shared in our social media platforms (and via emails to Team Roster members) on June 5th.

As Karate Canada gains further clarity on the changing calendar of upcoming international events, it will make the necessary adjustments to its own criteria and planning so as to ensure it can efficiently and successfully adapt to this new landscape, and be in a position to continue to select teams in a safe, fair and transparent manner.