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2023 Senior Team Lead Kumite Coach: Francois Persico

January 24, 2023

It is my pleasure to proudly introduce Coach Francois Persico as Karate Canada’s newly appointed Senior Team Kumite Lead Coach. Coach Francois is a highly educated professional coach whose primary focus is the development and support of Canadian karate athletes, and creating a program for continued future success of the National Team. This now finalizes our Senior Team leadership for an important 2023 season with Coach Francois joining Head Kata Coach Pam Ross and myself as Sport Technical Leader to continue to build upon the success of last season’s Senior team.” – Rodney Hobson

“It is with humility that I accept the position of senior national team lead kumite coach. I intend to use this unique opportunity to lay the foundation of a vision for the development of karate based on the principles of sports science, with a priority on the performance of our team on the international scene.

Our senior athletes will have the opportunity to participate in several important tournaments in 2023, including the North American Cup and the Pan American Games. It will be critical to continue our progress based on the work previously accomplished in order to encourage the participation of as many Canadian karateka as possible in these prestigious events.

Finally, I would like to thank the selection committee for their trust, and I look forward to meeting with the coaches and the athletes to begin our dialogue.” – Francois Persico