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March 11, 2020

Karate Canada is pleased to announce that the following four athletes have all, in their respective Olympic weight divisions, been selected, based on our published Criteria (see Tier 1 in section 5.1.1 of the WKF Olympic Qualification Tournament Canadian Karate Team Selection Criteria – Internal Nomination Procedure) and their WKF Olympic standings as of March 2nd, to represent Canada at the upcoming Olympic Qualification Tournament, which will take place in Paris, on May 8-10, 2020:

Haya Jumaa (women’s -61 kg kumite)
Rita Ha Thi Ngo (women’s kata)
Melissa Bratic (women’s +61 kg kumite)
Kenneth Lee (men’s kata)

Our heartfelt congratulations to all four on their well earned spots on the team heading to Paris, and we sincerely wish them the best of luck moving forward! (Of course, should any of these athletes previously qualify for participation in the Olympic Games via the WKF’s Olympic standings, participation of this / these athlete(s) in the Paris Olympic Qualification Tournament would then no longer be required.)

Remaining spots on the Team scheduled to compete at the Paris Olympic Qualification Tournament will be filled based on the outcome of the Challenge Matches to occur as part of the “Olympic Qualification Event Team Trials”, in Calgary (AB) on March 22nd.