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Amended and Updated 2016-2017 National Team Criteria

May 26, 2016

Please note that Karate canada has recently adopted minor changes to its 2016-2017 National Team Criteria (Senior and Junior, in both kata and in kumite), as well as to its 2016-2017 Youth Team Pilot Project Outline.

These amended documents can be found in our “Documents” tab, or by clicking on the titles listed below:

1- 2016-2017 Senior National Team Criteria for Kumite Athletes (version 2.0, May 21, 2016);
2- 2016-2017 Senior National Team Criteria for Kata Athletes (version 2.0, May 21, 2016);
3- 2016-2017 Junior National Team Criteria (version 3.0, May 21, 2016);
4- 2016-2017 Youth Team Pilot Project Outline (version 2.0, May 21, 2016).

Please note: the only significant changes from previous versions consist in the following:

– the tie-breaking criteria have been updated (in section 6.1 of both the Sr Kumite and Kata Criteria, and in section 4.4 of the Jr Team Criteria) to ensure increased objectivity in selection, while alleviating potential problems linked to the wording of the previous version (and previously prescribed use of “challenge matches”)

– the dates and calendars of the upcoming Regional and Inter-Regional Trainings and competitions have been updated.

– a few other minor changes were made in order to ensure improved consistency and clarity.