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Call for Applications – Athletes with a Disability at the 2016 Senior World Championships

July 04, 2016

Karate Canada is pleased to announce that we will be accepting applications from additional athletes with a disability (AWAD) to possibly attend the 2016 Senior World Karate Championships in Linz, Austria (October 22-31).

Karate Canada has already qualified two Athletes to the AWAD Senior National Team for the 2016 Senior World Championships in Linz, Austria. To be eligible, athletes must qualify in one of the categories set out in the WKF- Rules Karate for Person with Disabilities:

Athletes may be selected up to a maximum of 3 per category.

Athletes who are eligible and who apply for selection may be selected to the team in the following decreasing order of priority, based on available spots:

1. Athletes who are eligible and who have placed first in their division at the most recent (2016) National Championships, followed by second place, and then by third place winners;

2. Athletes who are eligible and who participated in the most recent (2016) Nationals Championships;

3. Athletes who are eligible but who have not participated in the most recent (2016) National Championships.

** IMPORTANT: All selected applicants / athletes MUST attend either the 2016 Kata National Training Camp (Richmond, BC, August 11-14; invitational only) OR the National Kata Training Camp which will be held at / during the 2016 Karate Canada Summit (Toronto, ON, Sep 30- Oct 2) in order to be eligible to compete at Senior World Championships as part of Karate Canada’s AWAD Senior National Team.

All applications must include the athlete’s name, date of birth, time they have practiced karate, classification, and a short biography (including information about practice of karate). All applications should be submitted by email to Karate Canada’s Program Manager Ms. Alexandra Roy, at: alexandra.roy@karatecanada.org.

The deadline for submissions is July 14, 2016.
(Karate Canada will reply to all applicants by July 28, 2016. Selected athletes will be provided with all the necessary information for participation.  Please note that while Karate Canada will cover any registration fees and offer qualified coaching staff and assistance at the event, all other participation costs (including travel and accommodation) will be the sole responsibility of participating athletes. )