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Introducing Karate Canada’s 2021 Athlete Council

July 20, 2021

From Karate Canada Athlete Director and Athlete Council Chair, Toshihide Uchiage:

Karate Canada is pleased to announce the members of the Athlete Council for the 2021-22 year. With representation from both kata and kumite, and an equal gender split, the Athlete Council strives to be the collective voice of Karate Canada’s National Team Athletes. The Council will continue to regularly meet to prioritize issues our athletes face and develop recommendations based on the identified needs. The Athlete Council wants to assure the National Team that we are creating a safe space for Athletes to bring their questions, comments, and concerns forward with a guarantee that meaningful action will be taken. By keeping each other accountable and living the “We Are One” mantra, we can enrich the athlete experience which will support podium success. The Council is looking forward to working with Karate Canada’s various stakeholders to bring solutions that will benefit all National Team Athletes in a transparent and collaborative manner.

2021 Athlete Council Composition

  • Toshihide Uchiage: Chair
  • Nicholas-Patrick Rivest: Vice-Chair
  • Daphne Trahan-Perrault: Kata Member
  • Rita Ngo: Kata Member
  • Guillaume Tremblay: Kumite Member
  • Parvin Mayan: Kumite Member

Yours in Sport

Toshihide Uchiage

Athlete Director