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Karate Canada Stands by the COC’s Statement regarding the IOC’s Ban of Russia at the 2018 Winter Olympics

December 21, 2017

Following the recent news of International Olympic Committee – imposed sanctions on the Russian Olympic Committee, after revelations of what appears to have been “systematic manipulation of that nation’s anti-doping system” (you may click here in order to read a recent news item about this decision by the IOC), the Canadian Olympic Committee has recently issued a strong message of support for this decision (you may click here in order to read a recent news item on this matter). Karate Canada fully stands by the COC and its stance on the importance of fair, clean, ethical and drug-free sport at every level. As stated by COC President Ms. Tricia Smith: “The COC has an unshakable belief in playing fairly. We also believe that clean and ethical sport should know no borders, and that agreed-upon standards must be enforced. Sport is only sport when everyone plays by the same rules.” Karate Canada’s President Mr. Craig Vokey fully agrees: “ At Karate Canada, we firmly stand for fair, clean and ethical sport, and there’s obviously no place for the use of performance-enhancing drugs in karate. Karate aims to instil a healthy and balanced lifestyle, combined with strong ethical values, and we will continue to actively promote those elements as well as provide access to anti-doping education to members of our community.” Karate Canada proudly adheres to the principles and values of the World Anti Doping Agency and of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, and strictly abides by the terms and conditions of the Canadian Anti-Doping Program. You may click here to find out more about this Program, or here to find out more about the CCES.