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May 10, 2021

Karate Canada is pleased to announce it has retained the services of expert consultants Kinlab (with Mr Lúcás Ó’Ceallacháin as the main lead) to perform a comprehensive and independent review of the organization’s entire High Performance sphere and pathway. Kinlab and Mr. Ó’Ceallacháin bring a vast wealth of related experience and expertise to this important project (you may click here to view a short bio of Mr. Ó’Ceallacháin). As part of their work, the Kinlab team will be meeting with many individuals and stakeholder groups, and will be, over the coming months, conducting a thorough review of Karate Canada’s HP policies, processes and structures against best practices, so as to offer tangible recommendations for improvements that will help Karate Canada subsequently develop its new High Performance Plan for the coming years.

Along with the ongoing Governance Review, this project will allow Karate Canada to identify and define optimal structure, processes and policies for increased success beyond Tokyo 2020, and in the current and post-COVID-19 context.

These initiatives are made possible made possible through the generous support of the government of Canada.