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November 11, 2019

With the generous support of the Government of Canada, Karate Canada is proud to announce some of the new initiatives put forward to help foster a safe environment free of abuse, harassment and discrimination for all its registrants.

Karate Canada has partnered with Respect Group and will soon have all their staff, board of directors, officials, key volunteers, National Team coaches and athletes undergo mandatory online training about recognizing, understanding and responding to safe sport issues. The Federation has also put in place an independent third party to receive any complaints pertaining to safe sport issues. Furthermore, Karate Canada is undertaking a review of all of its safe sport-related policies, and plans to publish karate-specific Concussion Guidelines. Mandatory concussion education sessions will also be offered to active coaches and officials as well as National Team Roster athletes.

For more information about all these safe sport initiatives, please visit our new Safe Sport website section.