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August 13, 2020

The current Karate Canada Athlete Representative’s term is coming to an end and we are now taking nominations for this position for a 3-year term. The Athlete Representative is someone who speaks on behalf of athletes and helps athletes become part of the decision-making circle. He/she sits on Karate Canada’s Board of Directors, and also acts as the Chair of the Athlete Council (click here to see the Chair’s duties).

Nominees must be current Senior National Team Members or retired Senior National Team Members up to a maximum of two (2) years.  Only the Senior National Team Roster can nominate someone. All the information as already been communicated to them via email. You can find the procedures for nomination and election of the Athlete Representative at section 5.04-5 of the Karate Canada current Bylaws.

Valid nominations for the Athlete Representatives will be circulated to all National Senior Team Roster Athletes via email following the nomination deadline of September 9th.

The Nominee receiving the majority vote will be declared the winner, which will be formally announced at the Karate Canada Annual General Meeting (virtual) on September 25th.