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Nominees for the Election of Directors at the 2017 AGM

October 02, 2017

The following 4 registrants have duly submitted their nominations for the election of Directors which will take place at the upcoming Annual General Meeting (Toronto, October 13th), for the 4 available positions of Directors-at-large (1 year and 3-year terms) and Athlete Representative (3-year term; as recently selected by current members of our Senior National Team Roster):

• Mrs. Heather Fidyk (for Director-at-large, 1-year term)
• Mrs. Sylvie Trahan (for Director-at-large, 3-year term)
• Mr. Gary Walsh (for Director-at-large, 3-year term)
• Mr. Christopher de Sousa Costa (for Athlete Representative)

You may click here to view each nominee’s profile and electoral platform (in their own words).