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Ontario Takes Over Lead at National Champs

July 09, 2023

LAVAL Que.—Ontario’s karate athletes grabbed the lead in the medal count after the first two days of
kata and kumite competitions at the 2023 National Championships in Laval, Que., having won 54 medals including 22 gold.

Quebec athletes are charging hard, having made the most trips to the national podium at 62, but four fewer gold than Ontario after the first two days of competition.

First day leaders, British Columbia have joined forces for 52 medals – 11 gold, 13 silver and 28 bronze.

While Canada’s Big 3 continue to fight it out for top spot, it was Newfoundland who stole the hearts of Canada’s karate community on Saturday, winning three medals – one gold and two bronzes.

Alex Ryan will bring a gold medal back to the Rock after winning the men’s junior +76kg kumite division. Emily Reglar (St. John’s) will also bring some hardware home after making her third trip to the National Championship podium. A previous two-time National Champion, the 18-year-old Reglar will return to Newfoundland with a bronze as the fourth-ranked athlete in the women’s -55kg division.

“It was really exciting. It wasn’t really the outcome I was hoping for, but it was an honour to be standing on the podium at such an incredible event,” said Reglar. “It means a lot to be from Newfoundland and to be on the podium. We don’t get the same recognition or funding as other provinces, and it is a lot more expensive for us to travel across the country from Newfoundland, but having the support of my parents, coach and our team has made this such an amazing experience.”

Medal Count after Day 2

Rank    Province              Gold     Silver    Bronze       Total
1          Ontario                         22           11            21                    54

2          Quebec                         18           19            25                    62

3          British Columbia        11           13            28                    52

4          Alberta                           4            4               5                    13

5          Newfoundland              1            0               2                      3

5          Nova Scotia                   0           3                3                      6

6          New Brunswick            0           2                3                      5


Complete List of Day 2 Medallists

K21 Intellectual Impairment – Senior Female
1 Patricia Wright (Ontario)
2 Florence Brodeur (Quebec)

K21 Intellectual Impairment – Senior Male
1 Arthur Dénommé (Quebec)
2 Artem Singkh (Ontario)
3 Harvey Austin (Ontario) 

K22 Intellectual Impairment – Junior Female – Down Syndrome
1 Sarah Nowlin (British Columbia)

K22 Intellectual Impairment – Senior Female – Down Syndrome
1 Natalie Olson (Alberta)

K22 Intellectual Impairment – Senior Male – Down Syndrome
1 Conrad Graup (Alberta)

K30 Physical Impairment – Senior Male – Wheelchair
1 Hemnath Manoharan (Ontario)

K30 Physical Impairment – Senior Female – Standing
1 Valérie Desroches (Quebec)

K40 SMI Physical Impairment – Senior Male – Standing
1 Harvey Austin (Ontario)

Kata Individual Female Junior (Ages 16-17)
1 Brooklyn Carter (Ontario)
2 Tiffany Jiloca (British Columbia)
3 Shenaya Halahackonoe (Ontario)
3 Cassidy Truong (Ontario) 

Kata Individual Male Junior (Ages 16-17)
1 Haruki Mori (British Columbia)
2 Louis-Félix Deschamps (Quebec)
3 Naythan Carrière (Quebec)
3 Zachary Chin (Ontario)

Kata Individual Male Youth (Ages 12-13)
1 Ethan Choi (British Columbia)
2 Ewan Booth (British Columbia)
3 Jayden Boulianne (Quebec)
3 Charles-David Labrie (Quebec)

Kata Team Female – Seniors
1 Quebec
2 Ontario

Kata Team Male Senior
1 Quebec
2 Nova Scotia

Kumite Individual Female Junior – 48kg
1 Lara Merabtine (Quebec)
2 Joanne Rajardhiinin (Ontario)
3 Maroua Mokdad (Quebec)
4 Kirsten Jan Vallejos (British Columbia)

Kumite Individual Female Junior -53kg
1 Zia Perrée (Quebec)
2 Dahlianna Brault (Quebec)
3 Genelle Temoe (Ontario)
4 Lillia Kalafate (Quebec)

Kumite Individual Female Junior -59kg
1 Eliya Israilov (Ontario)
2 Anushka Jawkar (Ontario)
3 Melody Monfiston (Quebec)
4 Anisha Nijjar (British Columbia) 

Kumite Individual Female U21 +68kg
1 Lily-Rose Nolet (Quebec)
2 Kianndokht Ghodsi (British Columbia)
3 Parinita Ram (Quebec)
4 Flavie Courtemeanche (Quebec) 

Kumite Individual Female U21 -50kg
1 Angelia-Louise Grandea (Quebec)
2 Mahta Gharaei (Ontario)
3 Laurie-Anne Desormeaux (Quebec)
4 Helena Andres (British Columbia)

 Kumite Individual Female U21 -55kg
1 Mégan Rochette (Quebec)
2 Lyna Abdoun (Quebec)
3 Olivia Brodie (British Columbia)
4 Emily Reglar (Newfoundland)

Kumite Individual Female U21 -61kg
1 Sahib Khela (Ontario)
2 Kristin Dixon (New Brunswick)
3 Sophie Lawrance (Alberta)
4 Ilisha Aulakh (British Columbia)

Kumite Individual Female U21 -68kg
1 Yasmine Mokarnia (Quebec)
2 Chloé Aubé (Quebec) 

Kumite Individual Male Cadet +70kg
1 Muhamed-Ali Basalic (Ontario)
2 Qisheng Jiang (British Columbia)
3 Marcus Peng (Ontario)
4 Owen Jones (Nova Scotia) 

Kumite Individual Male Cadet -57kg
1 Samuel Weber (Ontario)
2 Emmanuel-Tadéo Hénault (Quebec)
3 David Estrin (Ontario)
4 Isaac Davis (Nova Scotia)

Kumite Individual Male Junior +76kg
1 Alex Ryan (Newfoundland)
2 Moumen Delhoumi (Quebec)
3 Mathieu Doucette (Quebec)
4 Isaac De Landa Ziskrout (British Columbia)

Kumite Individual Male Junior -55kg
1 Skyler Tanahara (British Columbia)
2 Helitha Rathnayake (Alberta)
3 Logan Hughes (New Brunswick)
4 Anson Chiu (British Columbia)

Kumite Individual Male – Junior -61kg
1 Gursajan Gill (Ontario)
2 Nick Shadrin (Ontario)
3 Indigo Berry (British Columbia)
4 Nia Haftlang (British Columbia) 

Kumite Individual Male Junior -68kg
1 Emmanuel Hosseinirad (Ontario)
2 Gassan Alkurdi (Nova Scotia)
3 Sebastian Villena (Ontario)
4 Matthew Borovik (Ontario) 

Kumite Individual Male Junior -76kg
1 Levinh Bricteux (Quebec)
2 Omar Almishri (Alberta)
3 Louis-Féllix Deschamps (Quebec)
4 Nathan Richard (Quebec)

Kumite Individual Male U21 +84kg
1 Brayden Noxell (Ontario)
2 Singh Kalkat Parjot (British Columbia)
3 Delano Robb (Ontario)

Kumite Individual Male U21 -60kg
1 Karim Ebraheem (Ontario)
2 Shon Zinger (Ontario)
3 Zack Saito (British Columbia)
4 Muhimen Ben Mahmud (Alberta)

Kumite Individual Male U21 -67kg
1 Ulysse Desmarais (Quebec)
2 Noah Mossavat (Ontario)
3 Hafid Ben Mahmud (Alberta)
4 Galwinder Gill (Ontario)

Kumite Individual Male U21-75kg
1 Loïc Cloutier (Quebec)
2 Ali Afrasiabi (Quebec)
3 Nelligan Allaire-Caron (Quebec)
4 Anton Gurin (Quebec)

Kumite Individual Male U21 -84kg
1 Ethan Small (Ontario)
2 Alec Hocquard (New Brunswick)
3 Braydon Sieb (British Columbia)
4 Jodhan Brar (British Columbia)

 Kumite Individual Male Youth -55kg
1 Ertang Hu Timothy (British Columbia)
2 Konnor Buchanan (British Columbia)
3 Lucas Yu (British Columbia)
4 Aiden Danesh (British Columbia)

Complete Results: https://www.sportdata.org/karate/set-online/popup_main.php?popup_action=results&vernr=7273&active_menu=calendar

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