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Through Karate Canada, you have the opportunity to become a Recognized Karate Association as well as order Karate Canada and World Karate Federation Dan Certificates. The Karate Canada Technical Committee also performs Dan evaluations across the country for all Karate Canada members/registrants.

Karate Canada Recognized Association

Why become a recognized association?

National recognition carries a number of advantages such as:

  • Recognition: Karate Canada Dan Certificates are recognized nationally as being issued from the recognized Sport Governing Body for karate in Canada.
  • Portability: member Provincial or Territorial Karate Associations across the country recognizes Karate Canada Dan Certificates. National certificates are advantageous when moving to another country since Karate Canada is a member of the WKF and its certificates are recognized.
  • Security: Karate Canada association recognition is independent of style, group, or other affiliation, national or international, and cannot be revoked except by Karate Canada and then only due to a serious breech of the Code de conduite et d’éthique de Karaté Canada.
  • Certification: Access by your members to Karate Canada 1st to 5th Dan Certificates without having to take the National Dan evaluation. Certificates issued are less expensive than testing.
  • WKF Homologation: Access to WKF certificates with the equivalent Karate Canada Certificate up to 5th Dan and above 5th Dan by special request.
  • Promotion: Recognized Karate Associations are listed on Karate Canada’s website.

How to apply for karate association recognition? You need to have earned a minimum level of 5th Dan from Karate Canada and send the application form along with all required documentation and fee to Karate Canada.

  • Recognized Karate Association Application Form (PDF)
  • List of Karate Canada Recognized Associations (Excel)
Dan Certificates

Karate Canada’s Recognized Associations can request KC Dan Certificates equivalent to their association certificates up to 5th Dan. A certificate fee is charged for this service. Individuals who are not members of a recognized association or seeking 6th Dan and above are required to take a Karate Canada examination. Karate Canada Dan Certificate holders are also eligible for WKF certificates up to 5th Dan and above 5th Dan by special request.

  • Karate Canada Dan Certificate Request Form (PDF)
  • WKF Dan Certificate Request Form (PDF)
  • List of Karate Canada Recognized Associations (See section above)

Karate Canada Dan Certificate

  • 1st Dan: $60
  • 2nd Dan: $75
  • 3rd Dan: $100
  • 4th Dan: $200
  • 5th Dan: $250

WKF Dan Certificate

  • 1st Dan: $390
  • 2nd Dan: $390
  • 3rd Dan: $390
  • 4th Dan: $480
  • 5th Dan: $580
  • 6th Dan: $680
  • 7th Dan: $780
Dan Evaluations

Karate Canada will usually hold Dan evaluations at its annual Summit and at its National Championships. Dan evaluations can also be organized provincially in collaboration with Karate Canada. Only Karate Canada members/registrants are allowed to apply for a Dan evaluation. Contact KC’s Program Manager to know when and where the next evaluations are scheduled for.

Application Form (PDF)

Guidelines by style for the evaluations:

  1. Shotokan (PDF)
  2. Wado-Ryu (PDF)
  3. Goju-Ryu (PDF)
  4. Shito-Ryu (PDF)
  5. Chito-Ryu (PDF)
  6. Other Styles (PDF)

Karate Canada Dan Evaluation Fees

  • 1st Dan: $100
  • 2nd Dan: $175
  • 3rd Dan: $250
  • 4th Dan: $325
  • 5th Dan: $400
  • 6th Dan: $475
  • 7th Dan: $550
  • 8th Dan: $700
  • 9th Dan: $850