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January 17, 2020

Are you interested in helping Karate Canada improve its planning and organization of domestic and international events? Karate Canada is seeking candidates to join its new and revamped Events Committee! You may click here in order to read the Committee’s Terms of Reference.

Specifically, Karate Canada is looking for currently active or recently retired athletes, to fill 2 Athlete Representative roles on the Committee (ideally one in kata and one in kumite), and for either national or provincial Board members, PTSO staff, parents of athletes, event coaches or volunteers to fill 2 additional positions as Members at Large of the Committee.

We ask that interested candidates please email a letter of interest to the Committee Chair Mr. Stéphane Rivest (also adding in cc Karate Canada’s Executive Director Mr. Olivier Pineau) no later than February 2nd, 2020, indicating motivations for wanting to join the committee and including relevant background / profile information. We thank you in advance for your involvement and contribution! (Please note: space on the committee is limited, and final nominations will require approval by Karate Canada’s Board of Directors.)