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July 18, 2019

Montreal, July 18th, 2019 – It has been brought to Karate Canada’s attention this morning that a member of its Senior Para-Karate National Team Roster is currently facing criminal charges. Upon being informed of this, Karate Canada has immediately suspended this athlete.

While Karate Canada has no direct knowledge and / or has not been provided with any details by any law enforcement agency regarding these charges, the organization takes this matter seriously. Karate Canada has therefore suspended the athlete in question on an interim basis, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation and any related judicial and/or disciplinary process. Karate Canada will await completion of the criminal investigation and any related judicial process before taking any further action.

Given this suspension, the athlete in question may therefore not, until further notice, participate in nor be present at any activity or event related to or organized by Karate Canada or its member Provincial / Territorial Associations (and their affiliated clubs / dojos).

“Karate Canada staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to ensure that all of our participants are able to take part in our sport in a safe and welcoming environment.” says Olivier Pineau, Executive Director at Karate Canada. “This is a top priority for our organization, and there is no tolerance for any behaviour that may be in breach of the Criminal Code or our Code of Conduct and Ethics.”

Karate Canada will not comment any further on this matter until the criminal investigation and any related disciplinary procedures have been completed.