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April 22, 2021

Karate Canada is pleased to announce that in accordance with its 2021-2022 Carding Nominations Criteria, and based on past results and performances, the following six athletes have all been (re-) nominated to Sport Canada in order to benefit from support via the Athlete Assistance Program, for the first seven months of the 2021-2022 cycle:

1- Melissa Bratic: Ha Thi (Rita) Ngo: SR Card

2- Kathryn Campbell: SR Card

3- Daniel Gaysinsky: SR Card

4- Haya Jumaa: SR Card

5- Ha Thi (Rita) Ngo: SR Card

6- Maxym-Olivier Rivest: SR Card

We sincerely congratulate all six athletes for their nominations, and wish them much success in upcoming competitions! (Please note that Karate Canada will, in accordance with its 2021-2022 Carding Nominations Criteria and at the end of this first seven months period, nominate eligible athletes to Sport Canada for AAP support for the period of December 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022, based on the performance criteria contained that doument.)

Karate Canada wishes to sincerely thank the government of Canada for its sustained and generous support of our elite amateur athletes.