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Stay in the Fight Bursary

The deadline to apply is February 9th, 2020.

Karate Canada is proud to present the ‘Stay in the Fight Bursary’, a new initiative made possible with the generous support of the government of Canada. This program will help provide financial support for female athletes transitioning from competition to other leadership roles within the sport of karate in Canada.

Unfortunately, many female karate athletes often halt their affiliation with the sport once they stop competing; this initiative is intended to inspire them to consider and prepare for different leadership roles such as coaching, officiating or volunteering (in governance or sport promotion) within the local and national community. Up to five (5) approved recipients will receive a bursary of up to $1,800 each.

To learn who can apply and how, please review the following documents:

For any questions about the bursary, please contact Alexandra Roy.