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Karata Canada Unveils Three Committees

March 05, 2024

Karate Canada is pleased to unveil the latest lineup of 3 operational committees, comprising the High Performance Committee (HPC), Para-Karate Committee (PKC), and Long-term Development Committee (LTD). We extend our gratitude to the dedicated members of our karate community for their invaluable volunteerism.

These committees help serve as a cornerstone of our organization, fostering collaboration, innovation, and strategic planning to enrich the experience of athletes, dojos, and Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSOs).

We take pride in the diversity of gender, discipline, geographical, and expertise representation among our members and it’s through this lens that we can effectively address the multifaceted needs of our growing karate community.

High-Performance Committee: Anta Badalescu, Hidemi Uchiage, Christopher De Sousa Costa, Jim Jennings and Rodney Hobson

LTD Committee: Richard Mosdell, Sherry Carter, Gillian Benson, Jose Garcia and Rodney Hobson

Para Committee: John DeVincentis, Zoe Meil and Rodney Hobson. Consultants: Heather Fidyk, Gillian Benson