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September 01, 2022

August 31 – Karate Canada sent its Junior National Team to compete at the Junior Pan American Championships in Mexico City, Mexico on August 25-27. The athletes brought back a total of 13 medals – 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 7 bronze medal, which placed Canada in 6th place of the countries ranking. Another 10 athletes reached the medal round and finished in 5th place.  

The 3-day competition saw a total of 785 athletes from 22 American countries compete in 49 categories. Karate Canada sent a team of 80 athletes supported by a staff team of coaches and an athletic therapist. Due to the event limiting the participation to 2 athletes per country per category, athletes were selected based on their results at the 2022 National Championships. 


Here are the full list of medalists from Canada. 

Gold  Kata  Cadet (14-15)  Male  Matthew Gruitia  Ontario 
Gold  Kata  Junior (16-17)  Female  Oonah Gamboa  British Columbia 
Gold  Kumite  U14 (12-13)  Female (47+ kg)  Mariana Guerrero  Ontario 
Silver  Kumite  U14 (12-13)  Male (-50 kg)  Abderahmane Guemmat  Quebec 
Silver  Kumite  U21 (18-20)  Female (-68 kg)  Julia Maclean  British Cloumbia 
Silver  Kumite  U21 (18-20)  Female (68+ kg)  Valeria Diaz  Alberta 
Bronze  Kumite  Cadet (14-15)  Female (54+ kg)  Quincey Palmer  Ontario 
Bronze  Kumite  Cadet (14-15)  Male (-70 kg)  Younesse Talhi  Quebec 
Bronze  Kata  U14 (12-13)  Female  Cadence Truong  Ontario 
Bronze  Kumite  U14 (12-13)  Female (-47 kg)  Emily Chan  British Columbia 
Bronze  Kumite  U14 (12-13)  Female (47+ kg)  Aya Rahmani  Quebec 
Bronze  Kumite  U14 (12-13)  Male (-40 kg)  Ethan Choi  British Columbia 
Bronze  Kumite  U21 (18-20)  Female (68+ kg)  Lily-Rose Nolet  Quebec 


Looking forward to World Championships 

This event was the last opportunity for athletes to gain ranking points in order to place for the World Championships to happen in Konya, Turkey on October 26-30, 2022. The official team will be announced in the next few weeks. 

The Junior and Senior team are getting ready for the Commonwealth Championships to happen next week, September 7-8, in Birmingham, England. 

About Karate Canada 

Karate Canada is a not-for-profit corporation with the objective of describing and incorporating all activities related to the promotion, organization, regulation and popularization of the sport of karate all over Canada, of protecting the physical and emotional health of athletes, and of promoting the interests of karate throughout Canada. 

Karate Canada and its 11 Provincial and Territorial Associations members normally assemble roughly 16,000 participants nationwide. Furthermore, Karate Canada is a proud member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, the World Karate Federation and the Pan American Karate Federation. See more at www.karatecanada.org.