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Karate Canada's Brand Identity

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The redevelopment of the brand and website was completed by Epic Design in 2018, to provide Karate Canada with a fresh look and up-to-date technical capabilities. This project was made possible through the generosity of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

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Brand Story:

We are UNITED. We speak with one voice across the nation. We are one with ourselves, one with our community. We unite karate in Canada by respecting our teammates and opponents and their diversity.

We stand PROUD to represent the leaf at home and abroad. We see karate as more than just a sport or art; it is a practice that builds better athletes, better officials, better coaches and better citizens. We take pride in our development and achievements.

We are PROGRESSIVE. We seek constant improvement of ourselves, our organization and our nation. We are dynamic and agile, allowing us to push the boundaries to build up our athletes, practitioners and nation.

We strive for EXCELLENCE. Just as the circle has no beginning and no end, we are determined to continue to learn, study and practice our art to excel in our sport, our art, our karate.

The highlighted words in the brand story form our brand pillars: UNITED, PROUD, PROGRESSIVE, EXCELLENCE.

About the logo:

The maple leaf is the dominant feature, representing Canada. It is shaped into a figure in a mid-kick/punch motion. The straight, sharp angles combined with the swoosh represent the contrast between calm and the force of this sport.

The icon and text is flexible enough to successfully work in many variations, dependant on needs. We have developed further versions (horizontal, icon and favicon) for other uses, as described in the brand identity standards.

Example Applications:

Sub Brands:

One of the biggest takeaways from the research into developing this brand is that the provincial members across the country would like to have a better feeling of unity across the country. As part of the solution we have developed a tagline and a unifying mark for each province to use as they see fit. This will be a great way to come together for our very first olympic appearance in 2020!

To see further examples of brand application, logo usage, as well as colour palette and typography, please refer to the brand standards document or contact andi@epic-design.com.